The 2015 Hypocrisy Award

pope and castroThere was a crowded field of contenders, but in a year where “religious” controversy loomed large in the form of ISIS, one (aero)dynamic man stood head and hat above the rest. This year’s award for hypocrisy goes to Pope Francis for warning against ideology while on an official trip to Cuba. The 79-year-old former nightclub bouncer (yes, you read that right) intended the statement as a subtle rebuke of the communist system in place in Cuba, seemingly forgetting his position as the leader of an ideology that courts a considerable amount of controversy.

Honourable Mentions:


  • trumpDonald Trump: The Republican presidential candid
    ate is determined to “make America great again”, while also believing it to be the greatest country in the world. Trump cannot remember where he saw the video of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11, but claimed the event did occur because he has “the world’s greatest memory”.

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