The 2015 Also-Ran Award

In any competition there are winners, there are losers and then there are those who might have been better off not even taking part. This year’s Also-Ran Award goes to Nigel Farage, who in 2015 failed to become an MP at the seventh time of trying, despite a painstaking search for a safe seat. Farage made good on his promise to resign as UKIP leader and then in scenes which were in no way farcical or an indication of the personality cult he runs, his resignation was rejected by the UKIP executive committee. Renewed calls for him to resign earlier this month by sole remaining MP Douglas Carswell were rebuffed with statements about the majority of UKIP members being happy with his leadership. Which when you think about it is probably the main problem.

Honourable Mentions:

  • aldo-mcgregor-ufc-fightJosé Aldo: Aldo had been the UFC featherweight champion since 2010 but the manner in which he lost the title this year may stick in people’s minds much longer. After pulling out of a title fight with challenger Conor McGregor earlier in the year due to a rib injury, the fight was rescheduled for December. Any UFC fans who went to grab a last minute beer probably wished they hadn’t when McGregor took just 13 seconds to win by a knockout, the fastest in UFC history.

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