The 2015 Life Imitating Art Award

The old adage that real life is sometimes so strange “you couldn’t write it” was countered for many years by writers inventing ever more farcical scenarios. But at some point, reality fought back with equally bizarre (although now unoriginal) situations. The Life Imitating Art Award for 2015 goes to David Cameron’s penis and an unnamed pig’s mouth which allegedly became intimate at a party one evening in Oxford. The story was recounted in a book by former Conservative Party Chairman Lord Ashcroft. The veracity of the claims is uncertain and it is widely acknowledged that Ashcroft has had a grudge against Cameron ever since the Cabinet post he expected to buy with his millions failed to materialise. But the Prime Minister and his dick are now forever associated with the pig-fucking episode in Charlie Brooker’s uncomfortable satire Black Mirror.

Honourable Mentions:

  • George Osborne: The Chancellor performed his tribute act to an old Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch in scenes that need no explanation beyond the video embedded below.

  • James T. Kirk: The captain of the USS Enterprise was banned from flying this year when it turned out that he was the alter ego of former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond. Kirk had been set to boldly go where no SNP members had gone before – third largest party status at Westminster. But with Salmond no longer needing the pseudonym for “security reasons” he was pulled up on his sci-fi alias and he now flies to London under his own name.

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